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Ferguson Police Officers NOW using body video cameras

Ferguson Police Officers are learning how to use body video cameras that are set to record for about 12 hours at a time. The cameras will attach to their uniform shirt which will record both video and audio communications. Apparently, an unidentified company donated 3 cameras to the police department following the Police involved alleged racial profiling shooting which left Michael Brown, 17 dead. There was a rumor circulating which has yet to be confirmed that the police department was given a $250,000 grant to install dashboard police video cameras but instead the funds were allegedly used to purchased and upgrade their police cars to police SUVs. What I cannot fathom is why are we even allowing this use of cameras when the Ferguson Police Department needs to be dismantled and allow for the St. Louis County Police Department to take over Ferguson permanently. This would not be the first time that the county police have extended their reach. For example, there are parts of Creve Coeur which is operated by St. Louis County Police as unincorporated St. Louis County. As far as I am concerned the Ferguson Police Department needs to be under Federal Review with the police captain taking an early retirement. Ferguson Police purchased another 3 video cameras and there are rumors that another unidentified company will be donating 50 additional video cameras.