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Ferguson Police Chief refutes timing of video

Chief Jackson
Chief Jackson
The Wire

The earlier conflation of the video with the release of the name of the officer, who has been identified as the shooter of Michael Brown, has raised many questions in light of Chief Jackson’s statement of there being no connection between the two events.

Ferguson Chief Police Thomas Jackson says the release of the video tape showing Michael Brown allegedly robbing a convenience store with the name of Officer Darren Wilson was a coincidence, and because the press had “repeatedly” asked for its release.

But of more interest from this press conference, Chief Jackson said Officer Darren Wilson was unaware of Michael Brown being a robbery suspect at the time he encountered Brown and his companion Dorian Johnson. He stated Officer Wilson sole reason for the confrontation with the two young black men was because they were walking in the middle of the street. It is alleged Officer Wilson yelled from his police car: “Get the f**k on the curb."

It is also alleged by Officer Wilson, though disputed by numerous witnesses, that Brown reached inside the police car in an attempt to take his service weapon. But witnesses state Officer Wilson while still in his car grabbed Brown around the neck before the young man broke free and moved away.

Subsequent accounts have Brown trying to flee before he was shot in the back by Officer Wilson. Although wounded, he turned and faced Officer Wilson with both hands raised. The same witnesses stated Officer Wilson then shot Brown several times in the chest even though he posed no threat. His body lay hours in the street for all to see before it was removed by the medical examiner.

An hour before this latest press conference from the Ferguson Police Department, a 19-page incident report detailing the convenience store robbery was released. This report was redacted to conceal the names of the investing officers. Only the names of Michael Brown and his companion Dorian Johnson were readable throughout the report.

As more information has been released, additional questions are being raised about conflicting earlier statements issued by Ferguson authorities.

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