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Ferguson Mo. shooting

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With Officer Darren Wilson being named as the individual involved in the shooting of Michael Brown. This will at least begin to help everyone understand what happened on that tragic day. Officer Wilson was on a routine sick call, when a call of a strong arm robbery had just occurred. As officer Wilson was responding to the call he encountered Michael Brown, and what happened next is the question that may never be completely answered.

There are pictures of a large individual clearly roughing up a store clerk. If that individual turns out to indeed be Michael Brown, that would definitely be useful in officer Wilson`s report of what happened that day. And would be a big contradiction of the statement that was made by the young man who was with Michael that afternoon. Whatever the resolution is, that will not help the pain of losing a child by the parents.

Unfortunately this event shows just how far we still have to go, when it comes to race interactions. Ferguson`s police force has mainly white officers in a majority black and ethic neighborhood. This is no time to make assumptions, but perhaps a different officer, maybe one of color could have handled the situation differently, without such a deadly conclusion.

It would be naive to think that race relations will ever be completely smooth, but sometimes it takes tragedies like this to make people think about those old stereotypes and prejudice ideas that we have in our heads and learn to communicate like people.