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Ferguson, MO shooting inspired an emotional conference with the Mayor on MPR

Michel Martin leads a conference with the city Mayor and police chief and locals
Michel Martin leads a conference with the city Mayor and police chief and locals

Hello, my loyal as well as casual readers! What I have for you today comes from a bit of a somber tone - as you've probably heard on the news, a black teenager was shot by a white police officer in Missouri. It's sparked a national investigation and has been all over the news for weeks since the August 9th shooting.

Michel Martin of NPR had led a live conference in the Ferguson, Missouri town with the locals, the mayor, and a police chief. People did not shy away to question the Mayor and the police about what would be done differently now, etc. What I noticed that was interesting was that the applause after every speaker was very weak. It gave off the impression that those in the audience were not entirely satisfied with the way the conference was handled, or who was invited, hard to say. Listen to the full conference here to make your own judgement.

There were various types of people standing up to talk. Questions were - how to reach out to the youngest generation to keep them (if I understood right) from carrying any types of weapons, loaded or not. One man introduced himself as a CEO of some company, and that seemed to work against him - the applause turned even meeker. He asked about the readiness of cameras on police officers.

The police chief said that for around 50 total officers on the force, they had 34 cameras and it was enough because they're not all on patrol at the same time. He said the cameras would be ready to go out in a matter of days.

The overall feel of the conference one must say was positive. There were virtually no overlapping speech, no one spoke out of turn, no one sounded overly frustrated or angry, and order was kept. I didn't like Michel's constant interrupting the speakers, however. It seemed to me there was no need for that. Thanks for reading!