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Ferguson MO in post racial America

Lining up for a bottle of outrage over Michael Brown
Lining up for a bottle of outrage over Michael Brown
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

You might be surprised reviewing the coverage of the incident in Ferguson Mo that among other things we were promised a post racial America. You cannot pick up a newspaper, watch the nightly news or scour the internet and not find reference to the race of the people involved. Almost as if there might be a hidden motive in reminding us that the unarmed black youth was shot by a white policeman in a black neighborhood by a police force that is 94% white. We even had scholar and hoopster Ferdinand Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) warn of us of the overdue race war. (Time)

If we really lived in a post racial society the death of Michael Brown would not have blipped the national radar. Just like the 22 people who lost their lives just this weekend in Chicago and New York. The story would have read something like this. Date line, Ferguson Mo: A strong arm shoplifter was shot today by police after a routine stop turned into an altercation over the officer’s gun that left the suspect dead. Notice how the race of both the criminal and the law enforcement officer were never mentioned. That is exactly how the liberals tell us crimes should be reported. Across the country we are told it is racial profiling for police to included race in the description of a suspect. (See NY Post)

So what turned this tragic incident for both parties into something that caught the eye of the national press? It was the interview with Michael Brown’s accomplice in the shoplifting, Dorian Johnson. Dorian’s version of the events told a tail of two innocent black youths walking down the street minding their own business (shoplifting) to be accosted by the racist police who executed a gentle giant while attempting to surrender. Despite the fact that Mr. Johnson might have had a motive for spinning this tale it fit the narrative that the one percenters who report the news believe.

These news readers let their own prejudices perpetrated by their own reporting and their conversations in penthouse apartments during cocktails color their reporting. They believe that anything south of the Mason Dixon line spells prejudice. That all blacks live in homes they didn’t build, walk on streets they didn’t pay for and use phones provided by Obama. They talk of white flight, black ghettos and institutional racism. None of which is based on fact. According to the 2012 census only 27.2 percent of blacks live in poverty, still too many but the majority are middle to upper middle class. It is not just whites fleeing the inner cities but blacks, Latinos and Asians. If the media is looking for institutional racism they should look around their own news rooms. According to a study by the National Association of black journalists overall it is worse than the police force of Ferguson at 95%. (See page 47)

The result of their misconceptions and distortions is a mad rush of cretins, race hustlers and haters of America descending upon Ferguson all fighting for a front row seat on the bus to Montgomery. Some for profit like Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton. Some for publicity like rapper Nelly, others to recruit like The Black Panthers or ISIS. Others just want a piece of the action like Amnesty International, the ACLU, and the NAACP.

The news reporters have crossed the line from reporting to creating news. While safely ensconced in access controlled penthouses in New York and LA they see the results of their handiwork from afar. They don’t see the results on the citizens of Ferguson no matter what the race. Even if they did they would not care. There are ratings to gather, parties to attend and more stories to write that reinforce their own prejudices.

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