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Ferguson, MO becomes militarized no-fly zone as Americans mourn Robin Williams

Robin Williams
Robin Williams

Robin Williams was an accomplished and much beloved entertainer for many people in America and across the world. News of his hanging came as a rather stunning surprise for many, who viewed him as a patriarchal and comforting figure from their childhood. The national discourse between those expressing sympathy and understanding over his alleged suicide, and those expressing contempt and judgement over it, has been notably intense. The intensity and passion put into this philosophical question is something a more healthy America might have reserved for, say for example, the militarized police takeover of an American city.

While many Americans talk of Robin Williams' death as if he was a member of their own family, police in Ferguson, Missouri have blockaded the town, gassed and arrested accredited journalists and confiscated their equipment, and are even enjoying an FAA enforced no-fly zone over the city. The FAA has rationalized this no-fly zone as an effort "to provide a safe environment for law enforcement activities" as they respond to protests and riots over the August 9 shooting of 18 year old Michael Brown. The FAA did not elaborate on precisely why or how police in Ferguson would be threatened from the sky, seeing as how there are no known cases of protesters or rioters using aerial methods.

Due to a police blockade, the town of Ferguson has become essentially impossible to enter or leave. Inside the town itself, journalists from such recognized sources as Al Jazeera and the Huffington Post have been arrested and tear gassed for attempting to report on police activity. By any reasonable standard, what is occurring in Ferguson, MO is a police coup and a suspension of any and all constitutional rights in the area. The world has been left with scant information regarding even the basic facts of what's transpired in the town during the past week, with police refusing to release dash cam footage or other vital details surrounding the event.

This siege of Ferguson takes place as most news consumers focus on whether Robin Williams' alleged suicide was a cowardly act. The question of whether police shooting an unarmed submissive bleeding man is a cowardly act, has of course been placed on the collective back burner, along with an assortment of other drastically important yet under-reported events. As opinions and emotions about a famous person's death continue to pour in, corporate news outlets' most talked about aspect of the events in Ferguson has been the alleged robbery committed by the murder victim, presumably to portray this as a heroic stoppage of a crime in progress, rather than the public execution of an unarmed and already injured man. It's since been admitted by Ferguson police that the robbery was not a factor in the confrontation between "the officer" and Michael Brown. The reason Brown's killer can only be identified as "the officer" is because the Ferguson PD are hiding this individual's whereabouts and identity from the public, much in the same way an organized crime syndicate might protect the identity and whereabouts of someone under their employ.