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Ferguson, Missouri, The Ignorance Of A Community

Ferguson, Missouri had tragedy over the weekend. Michael Brown, an 18 year old, was shot by the local police department. He and another young man had been pulled over and were being questioned by the two police officers. A struggle ensued and Brown ran off. Brown was unarmed and it is not known even at this time whether he was the man who struggled with the cops. What is known is that he was shot and killed by the police. Bystanders say that Brown had his hands up when he was shot. What has taken place since is nothing more than ignorance.

Ferguson, Missouri, The Ignorance Of A Community
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Ferguson is a suburb of St. Louis and is a predominantly black community. It's a poor community with 20% of its population living under the poverty level.

Sunday night a prayer vigil was being held but rather than pray for Michael Brown and the incident that took place the community began rioting and looting the city. They chanted "kill the cops" while they stole from businesses that had nothing to do with the shooting. The mob mentality took over and this community erupted into a war zone with some 300 police in riot gear being called out.

When members of the community were interviewed all they could do was talk about the Trayvon Martin shooting that took place here in Florida. The family has already hired Benjamin Crump the attorney that represented the Martin family.

Members of the community have called for the FBI to take over the investigation rather than leave it to the Ferguson police department. This community has already come to the conclusion that the police are at fault rather than wait for any investigation to take place. They have looted and stole from their own community rather than pray for the young man that was shot. Ignorance is bliss in this community rather than let calm prevail. I hope this community can come to terms with the incident and if the cop is at fault I hope he does get a trial and let the courts take over. What I cannot tolerate is that when an incident like this occurs in a black community it seems they think this gives them the right to loot and steal and destroy their own community. I hope that the people who committed those crimes also get arrested and when convicted they go directly to jail. This country doesn't need these type of people who feel they are special and can destroy property of people who are not involved. This form of ignorance needs to be addressed just as Michael Browns death needs to be addressed.