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Ferguson Missouri Is Out Of Control

Ferguson Missouri Is Out Of Control
Ferguson Missouri Is Out Of Control
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

The shooting of an 18 year old unarmed man occurred last Saturday and since then tensions between citizens and police have been high. Problem is that this has been a tragedy waiting to happen. This small community of 21,000 is 70% black and about 30% white. Their police force is 53 total and only has 3 members that are black.

On Saturday an unnamed police officer pulled over 18 year old Michael Brown. He was questioned and a scuffle of some sort ensued. A gunshot took place in the police car and Brown ran. This is where some say that Brown had stopped and put up his hands up and was shot dead. Did the officer think Brown had a gun? No one knows since the officer hasn't come forward about the incident.

Since Saturday every night rioting and looting have taken place. The police come out in riot gear and confrontations take place. During the day people who are not from the community but always seem to pop up when confrontations like this take place and do nothing but incite the populace. Al Sharpton go home you are not helping anyone by your presence.

This community has for a very long time been deteriorating to the place it is at now. There are 20% of the populace at poverty level or below. The economy is stagnate and there is no growth within the community. There had been friction between the people and the police for years. This shooting has ignited the firestorm that is now taking place.

The police have no proper training in crowd control. You have officers arresting two reporters and an elected official in a McDonald's restaurant last night which truly leads the outside world to believe that these officers are nothing more than a bunch if hicks carrying rifles. You see they are in full riot gear and they will shoot to kill at the drop of a hat.

On the other hand you have the family hiring the Trayvon Martin family attorney not a local attorney to represent them. The family calls for peace but they bring an outsider into this craziness who does nothing more than incite when he opens his mouth. The shame is that this small community is destroying itself.

Hopefully the police will back down as well as the hotheads who are coming out every night to combat police and a community will come together to bury one if it's own. It's time for white and black to simply come together to work for the better good of their community and remember the loss of an 18 year old young man. Life is precious when you simply look at the loss this community has experienced.