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Ferguson Lynchmob

race baiters at work
race baiters at work
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

A 6'4" 300 pound man with drugs in his system enters a store with an accomplice, brazenly steals a box of cigars, grabs and pushes a tiny clerk out of the way on his way to escape, then turns back into the store and walks in a threatening and intimidating manner back at the tiny clerk. He then leaves the store and walks down the middle of the street carrying his loot with his accomplice, until told by a decorated police officer on routine patrol to move to the sidewalk.

Instead of moving to the sidewalk, he moves against the driver's door of the police car, shuts the door against the officer who was trying to get out, then beats the officer in the face through the open driver's window, breaking the bones around the officer's eye, and tries to grab the officer's gun. When the gun discharges, he walks away from the police officer's car. When the police officer exits his car with gun drawn and tells him to stop, he turns around, taunts the officer and then bum rushes him. Gosh, I wonder why he's dead? If charges are issued against this brave officer, it is a travesty of justice, brought on by the media and race-baiter inspired lynch mob.

Those people who are calling for the immediate "PROSECUTION" of Officer Darren Wilson are insulting the rule of law, and ignoring the violent conduct of Michael Brown. They are doing immense damage to our American system of justice and to our liberty. It is a lynch mob, and Sharpton, Jackson, governor Nixon and Eric holder are part of it.

This incident was not the end result of past discrimination of whites against blacks, or of a white police officer picking on a black man because he is black. It is the end result of the bad behavior of Michael Brown. His bad behavior can in fact be attributed to the "where's my free stuff?", anti-police,anti-white attitude that is rampant in the hip hop/ rap/ gangsta culture, that has in turn been spawned by the generations of welfare state dependency created by the progressive-Democrats beginning with FDR, and continuing with both parties pushing big government programs through today, with the possible exception of Ronald Reagan.

This is what has destroyed the family unit of both poor blacks and whites, over several generations, in many communities. Throwing money at the problem only makes it worse. Bill O’Reilly: