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Ferguson cop resigns: Cop told 'resign or be fired' after gun waving viral video

Ferguson veteran cop resigns after "resign or be fired" choice.
Ferguson veteran cop resigns after "resign or be fired" choice.

The cop in Ferguson who was put on indefinite leave of absence after he was caught on video brutally bullying a group of people, including some from the media, has quit his job. Ferguson is a city in crisis and 46-year-old veteran cop Lt. Ray Albers waving his gun around threatening to kill Ferguson protestors didn’t do a thing to deescalate the crisis, as you’d might imagine.

According to the Huffington Post on Aug. 30, Albers put on quite the show dropping the “F-bomb” and telling folks to go “F-themselves” when asking his name. After the video was put on YouTube and went viral, he was suspended from his job.

His resignation came about a week after the media was able to identify him by name in the video. His resignation also came after the city’s Police Board of Commissioners recommended he either resign or be fired.

So it appears saying that Albers “stepped down from the force” is a sugar coated way of saying he was given an ultimatum, but either way he was gone.

Travelers News reports that Chief Aaron Jimenez made it clear that he wasn’t condoning Albers’ behavior, but he did say that Albers’ was completely within the law when raising his semiautomatic rifle to the crowd. The protesters were throwing water and urine at him in a very aggressive fashion.

Jimenez also said that Albers saw three or four men in bandanas and he saw one of these men raise a gun towards him. This made the act of raising his gun “totally justifiable.” He said the officer had every right to protect himself.

In a separate incident another police officer from the town of Glendale took to Facebook in a video to say that the protesters should be “put down like dogs.” He also said, “Where is a Muslim with a backpack when you need him?” While Officer Matthew Pappert was not involved policing the protesters, he still got himself fired over that rant.

You can just imagine how hard it is to contain yourself after someone threw urine at you. The nasty comments to the cops along with the threat of violence in the air around Ferguson, is especially the time for cops to keep their cool. This doesn’t give the cops the right to express such vile thoughts to the public. That is just not the attitude needed on the streets in Ferguson today by anyone, especially the cops.

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