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Ferguson cop beaten ‘severely,’ suffers facial injuries says source

A source that is deemed by some to be an “insider” into the mind of Darren Wilson claim the Ferguson cop was beaten “severely” by 18-year-old Michael Brown, the college-bound young man that was shot unarmed in broad daylight.

According to a source who is believed to be close to Darren Wilson (how close, at this time, is simply unknown as the “insider” wants to remain anonymous), Wilson’s interaction with Brown began turned violent when Brown allegedly began beating the Ferguson police officer repeatedly in the head.

“The Assistant (Police) Chief took him to the hospital, his face all swollen on one side,” said the insider. “[Wilson] was beaten very severely.”

Claiming the cop suffered a damaged eye socket, the source appears to want to set up a situation that could justify the killing of Brown—despite Brown not having a weapon on his person.

In fact, based on some eye-witness accounts, Michael Brown was on the ground with his hands up, giving the cop a clear view that he was surrendering to police and was no longer a threat. The contention by Brown supporters is that despite what may or may not have transpired before the deadly shooting, did Brown deserve to lose his life if he was on the ground having already surrendered? Wouldn’t it have made more sense, if Brown is alleged to have been in the wrong, that he be arrested and simply let the judicial process take place.

There are some people, too, who believe in Wilson’s innocence so much that they have begun collecting donations for the officer. At this point, donations for Wilson have topped $225,000.

For more on the Ferguson cop beaten (allegedly) story, be sure to return to this column.

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