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Ferguson cop beaten ‘severely’ claims source, Darren Wilson donations top $200k

New claims that the six-year Ferguson cop was beaten severely before he shot and killed an unarmed Michael Brown in St. Louis has further created an even bigger divide amongst people of different races, political views, and more throughout the country.

A source that is alleged to be close to the Ferguson officer, Darren Wilson, says that Wilson suffered serious facial injuries, and that his eye socket was badly hurt in a struggle with Brown before the 18-year-old, college-bound student was shot dead in broad daylight.

According to Fox News, the “insider” source claims that Wilson had to be ushered to the hospital because he was struck “severely.”

The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, tells a story of Wilson informing Brown and his friend Dorian that they needed to get out of the street because they were blocking traffic.

When Wilson attempted to get out of his police car, the inside source claims Brown shoved the officer back into his patrol vehicle.

It’s then when the source claims the confrontation escalated. According to the source, Wilson begins to suffer blows at the hands of Michael Brown, causing his face to swell up and his eye socket to become badly damaged.

The question then becomes, however, how did the situation escalate to the point that the Ferguson cop who was hit repeatedly took out his gun and shot an unarmed man? Many supporters of Brown believe that an officer should have a better understanding of how to diffuse situations, be it using mace, stun guns, or handcuffs.

Based on some eye-witness accounts, Michael Brown was on the ground with his hands up, giving the cop a clear view that he was surrendering to police and was no longer a threat. The contention by Brown supporters is that despite what may or may not have transpired before the deadly shooting, did Brown deserve to lose his life if he was on the ground having already surrendered? Wouldn’t it have made more sense, if Brown is alleged to have been in the wrong, that he be arrested and simply let the judicial process take place.

As it stands, donations for Darren Wilson have been pouring in from his supporters. Over $200,000 has been raised for the officer as of Friday.

As it stands, Brown supporters are upset that after almost a week, Wilson has not been arrested nor charged. It appears the case will soon be in the hands of a grand jury. To make sure you’re up to date on whether the grand jury will believe the story that the Fergon cop was “severely” beaten, be sure to check back to this column often.

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