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Ferguson cop beaten: Darren Wilson's injuries garner public support

A source is claiming Darren Wilson, the Ferguson cop allegedly beaten by Michael Brown, suffered severe facial injuries that caused damage to his eye socket. While no video evidence has surfaced to support this claim, it already seems like those that sympathize with Wilson are rushing to his support.

In fact, donations for Darren Wilson are closing in on $250,000. Similar to the George Zimmerman trial, it’s possible that these donation funds are expected to be used to Wilson’s defense in court—should this case go to a court if and when Wilson is indicted.

But at this point, nobody has seen Wilson, who shot and killed an unarmed teenager on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. The shooting, which took place in daylight and involved several witnesses at the scene, is said to have begun after Wilson demanded that Brown and his friend move out from the street because they were blocking traffic.

From there, accounts differ significantly. Some claim Wilson cursed at the teenagers, while others claim Brown attempted to attack the officer.

It does appear, however, that many eye witnesses believe they saw Michael Brown retreating from the officer. At some point, Brown was surrendering himself on the ground with his hands up in the air. Some witnesses say that, despite this, Brown was shot dead with his hands in the air.

What further angers Ferguson residents, too, is how they treated Brown’s body. In an image that’s disturbingly similar to road kill, Brown’s lifeless body was laid out on the street, in broad daylight, for hours.

Residents, as expected, were horrified.

It’s unclear when the public will ever see Darren Wilson, but as this story begins to marches into its third week, it’s clear that many believe that the Ferguson cop was beaten by the victim.

What do you believe? Share your thoughts below.

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