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Ferguson and What It Says About America

Saturday, August 9, 2014- Michael Brown is shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, MO, a suburb northwest of St. Louis. Although everything about the incident may never be known, some facts are now available. First, Michael Brown was unarmed at the time of the shooting. Also, video has surfaced allegedly showing Brown and an accomplice stealing cigars from a convenience store. Additionally, the first autopsy report shows Brown was shot six times.

Under any circumstances, this would be a tragedy for Brown’s family, his friends and the entire community of Ferguson. Sadly, there are times when events seem to take on a life of their own, and this appears to have happened in Ferguson. Protests over the death of Brown have escalated into looting, clashes with police and general violence causing the Governor of Missouri to call out the National Guard in an attempt to restore order.

There have been allegations that much of the unrest is a result of deliberate provocation from groups who have travelled to Missouri intent on using Brown’s death to advance a political agenda. Two famous racial provocateurs, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton travelled to Ferguson within days to make sure their faces were on TV. Jackson had the gall to ask for money after speaking to crowds a week after the shooting. Fortunately he was booed off the stage.

The tragedy shines a spotlight on the problems of race in the nation and how many have exploited the issue for their own personal gain. While, as I said, the death of Michael Brown is a tragedy and whatever the circumstances justice must be done, I wonder where the public outcry is in Chicago. So far this year over 200 have been murdered, the overwhelming majority African American.

Where’s Jesse? Where’s Al? Where’s the outrage? Ethnic cleansing is going on in the Second City and no one seems to care. Chicago is not the only major metropolitan area with this problem however it has been the subject of some discussion and can serve as an object lesson for any interested in how damaged political discourse has become in this country.

Why does Michael Brown’s tragic death trump the 7 killed and 29 wounded in Chicago this weekend? Unfortunately for the African American community, racial politics has become more important than actually improving the quality of life for the African American community as a whole. This is not surprising given the influence of liberalism in Chicago and most major cities in America.

Image over reality and feelings over facts, that’s liberalism in a nutshell. That and being wrong all the time.

And Chicago, where death by gun violence is epidemic, has another liberal triumph that you don’t hear much about when discussing the murder rate: some of the toughest gun control laws in the United States.

[In case you haven’t figured it out, those laws tend to be ignored by criminals. (Definition of a criminal is someone who doesn’t obey the law for you Progressives out there.) You want to see a program that reduces violent crime? How about Concealed Carry?]

Protests in Chicago would call attention to the failures of liberalism. Someone needs to call attention to the problems in inner cities across the nation. The thought was that Barak Obama’s election would help the plight of African Americans in the inner city however it appears that the President has decided to divide and conquer instead of unite.

The country may have another chance to have an honest discussion regarding racial politics in 2016. A Dr. Ben Carson Presidency will drive the narrative of individual responsibility, including responsibility for taking ownership of conditions in many inner city neighborhoods. Dr. Carson is the real deal, a conservative who can’t be caricatured as incompetent by media types who will view the doctor as an existential threat.

Dr. Carson will, if elected, begin to heal the wounds Progressives have inflicted on the African American community for decades. In addition he will begin the process of getting the country headed in the right direction again.

Run Ben Run!

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