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Feral cats and Alley Cat Allies

Did you know that the latest study shows that 72% of all cats entering shelters are killed, 23% are adopted and only 2% reunited with their owners?  The kill rates in shelters of feral cats is 100%. The number of stray and feral cats in Los Angeles is estimated to be 2-3 million.
Feral cats are the offspring of house cats and stray cats and are healthy yet unadoptable cats because they are not socialized. The kittens are adoptable from 4-8 weeks and kittens 8-12 weeks can be adopted if acclimated to humans. Because they aren't socialized, feral cats have a fear of humans and try to avoid them. Alley Cat Allies leads the movement in the protection and humane treatment of all cats stray, feral and companion.
Alley Cat Allies was founded in 1990 by two women who realized that stray and feral cats' needs weren’t met by local shelter systems. Animal lovers and good hearted citizens who called shelters about feral cats were told that they would be euthanized. Alley Cat Allies founder, Becky Robinson and her staff,created educational materials and instructions on how to care for and protect stray and feral cats. They also introduced the practice of TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) to spay and neuter colonies of cats. The cats are humanely trapped, evaluated, vaccinated, and sterilized by veterinarians and released back to the same location where a volunteer cares for them.
Alley Cat Allies is the only national organization dedicated to protection and humane treatment of cats. The organization started National Feral Cat Day on October 16, 2001 to educate the public about feral cats and celebrate the lives of feral cats and their caregivers. Many of the campaigns on National Feral Cat Day have included ads and posters encouraging the public to become involved in protecting feral cats. One of the posters reads, “If you don’t believe in killing cats, than you are already an advovcate.”
Another campaign they have established is Every Kitty-Every City. A city is targeted for educational outreach which focuses on Trap-Neuter-Return and awareness. Hands-on workshops are held in that city giving the residents the tools they need to help the cats in their neighborhood. In addition, community organizing and partnerships with shelters and leading welfare organizations are created.
Alley Cat Allies has established proven methods to managing cat populations in our communities. There is a better solution than killing. All three of my beautiful cats were stray or feral. They make great pets,wonderful mousers and can be socialized with care and love!
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Bunny my young feral cat now tame!


  • Luke Thomas 5 years ago

    Trap Neuter Release does NOT work-these cats live short brutal lives crawling with thousands of fleas sucking their blood until anemic (literally), and internal worms. They spread toxoplasmosis to the community; food left out attracts coyotes, who also feed on the cats; and raccoons that harbor rabies; these cats only get a one time rabies vaccine for life, impossible to say which ones got what and what. People kill cats for pleasure including poisoning them with antifreeze, feed them to snakes, bury them alive, etc. Many get hit by cars. Often these cat colonies are where people dump their unwanted cats secretly, naturally not spay or neutered, thinking someone will care for them. People who practice Trap-neuter-release are guilty of leash law violations and animal cruelty: Once you trap that cat-it's YOURS, and you dump it back to a homeless state. Check out

    You do NOT save money with TNR. It costs a fortune to feed these cats, and they never get vet ca

  • BirdAdvocate 5 years ago

    Do you have any idea what the kill rate of feral and roaming domestic cats on our wild fauna is today? Most biologists and ecologists say a billion a year, give or take a few hundred million. For the sake of discussion let us say that is an exaggerated figure and "only" a half billion of our native birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals are being killed each year!
    Isn't it about time we act in an adult and responsible manner towards these unwanted domestic pets?

  • BirdAdvocate 5 years ago

    From your profile, Laureen... "When she moved to Southern California 11 years ago, everywhere she turned, at work and at home there was a stray or feral cat."

    That should have been a clue...

    "She began reading and talking to rescue groups and animal advocates. Soon, she began rescuing felines at work and at home. She wants to educate the public on cat issues and promote their welfare."

    Okay, but where do our natural fauna fit in? Haven't you realized those feral domestic pets are decimating our wildlife?

  • L. Yaco 5 years ago

    TNR absolutely does work. Why do we spend so much time arguing about it. Until we implement TNR and reduce the cats living outdoors there will continue to be a problem with too many cats and wildlife being preyed upon.
    So stop the propaganda that TNR doesn't work and help us reduce the cat population so no animals are killed. Thanks

  • BirdAdvocate 5 years ago

    If TNR works so magically why are there 2-3 million stray and feral cats in Los Angeles? Those cats are increasing exponentially and should be taken out of our ecosystem by any and all means necessary! TNR makes those who practice it feel good, but it will do little to control 2-3 million cats!

  • BirdAdvocate 5 years ago

    L. Yaco says: "So stop the propaganda that TNR doesn't work and help us reduce the cat population so no animals are killed. Thanks"

    That is so naive a statement I have to remark on it! Don't you know even the best fed house cat can kill dozens to hundreds of our native birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians each year if allowed to roam? Where is your concern for those animals? Oh, that's right, you only care about cats!
    Why should even one cat be tolerated in our ecosystem when it is murdering our fauna? You are not only tolerating them you dare to enable their murdering! Have you no compassion left over from the cats? What part of cats dismembering hundreds of millions of animals is humane or non-lethal?

  • Billy 5 years ago

    Ok, if you think cats should be killed because they kill birds then you most think all wild animals should be killed.

    Also, if you don't think we should neuter these cats, they will just keep reproducing. Get a clue.

  • Billy 5 years ago

    Bird lady, you say TNR doesn't do anything about 2-3 million cats? What will? Killing them all?? How about we just control the population by trapping them, people have made huge progress thus far despite what you may think. People are cleaning the mess that heartless humans have built by releasing their cats into the streets, LA doesn't have much wildlife so stop bitchin about cats "murdering" birds and lizards. The birds in turn murder innocent bugs, so should we kill the birds too? You guys are crazy if you think murdering animals is the solution to anything. I AM SURE THAT ALL YOU DO IS TALK TALK TALK, HOW MANY ANIMALS HAVE YOU SAVED??

  • Billy 5 years ago

    "Okay, but where do our natural fauna fit in? Haven't you realized those feral domestic pets are decimating our wildlife? "

    You are decimating our wildlife, get a life and stop preaching about how we should murder stray cats. Every cat hunts, just like humans. I hope a bird pecks your eyes out.