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Feng shui secrets of Canal Winchester, Ohio

Tai Chi symbol stands for yin and yang, the concepts of the opposites.
Tai Chi symbol stands for yin and yang, the concepts of the opposites.
Connie Spruill

The Tao of Canal is how I refer to my little home town when asked about living here. Tao is one of the main tenets of feng shui. It means being connected to things that give our life purpose and identity. Feng shui is all about creating an environment that supports meaning in one’s life.

Canal’s village proper fits like a glove when measured by the feng shui yard stick. The lifestyle my husband and I pined for after becoming empty nesters is expressed here. We both migrated from the southern part of the United States; he from Mississippi, me from Tennessee. Part of our Tao or connection to who we are includes church steeples. In the south, every church has a steeple and every steeple has a bell that rings out on Sunday mornings.

Canal Winchester has six churches within walking distance of our home. Three have steeples. I like taking late morning walks when the weather is warm. Timing my walks on Sundays during times the church bells ring, connects me to my Tao. The rest of my week seems less harried, as tapping into my higher power happens best when I am in nature centering and reminded of my childhood experiences with faith.

We have our home-town coffee cafe, the Harvest Moon, where local artist from the artist’s loft above the café, display their work. Many summer evenings, instead of taking my husband’s ’55 Chevy for a drive, we stroll into downtown Canal to the Harvest Moon café and listen to live entertainment. Later we stroll hand-in-hand back home along the creek and over the covered bridge. The tree frogs and crickets begin their concert then, connecting us to the wonderment of Mother Nature’s lullabies.

We have lots of choices for live entertainment connecting us to the child within us. Across Rt. 33, right outside the village proper, we discovered the Hidden Lake Winery. I always wanted to go to Italy and experience the excitement of stomping on grapes while my special someone watched with love struck eyes. It always looked so romantic in the movies. Well, my time came one evening when we visited the winery. I got to stomp on grapes while my husband watched in great horror at how utterly ridiculous I looked. Oh well, it wasn’t exactly the romantic, exciting experience that I had imagined it to be, but it was fun and made for a good laugh.