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Feng Shui of 2014 Chinese Horse Year

January 31, 2014 is the first day of Chinese Lunar Year – The Spring Festival. The coming of the Chinese Year is commonly known as the “Horse Year”, but it has a formal name in the Chinese calendar – Jia Wu (甲午).

What do the Chinese characters “Jia” (甲) and “Wu” (午) mean? These two words are very important for Feng Shui practitioners because they represent the nature of Qi in 2014, and this unique Qi will impact us significantly. According to the characteristics of this year’s Qi, Feng Shui practitioners will make the appropriate Feng Shui adjustments in Personal Feng Shui and Environment Feng Shui to maximum our good luck and avoid or minimize our bad luck.

From the perspective of Qi, January 31 is not the beginning of the Horse Year, if a baby is born on this day, and his/her Chinese zodiac sign is still the Snake rather than the Horse. The Horse Year starts at 6:21 am on February 4th, in other words, the new yearly Qi is formed from February 4th onwards.

The Chinese character of Jia (甲) represents nature of the cosmic energy’s that impacts on us in 2014, and this energy is the “Wood” energy of the Five Energies. The Chinese character of Wu (午) represents nature of the earth energy’s that impacts on us, and it is the “Fire” energy.

The Chinese zodiac sign “Horse” is another name for Wu (午).

In Personal Feng Shui (Ba Zi) adjustments, if your Personal Qi needs Fire energy - Wu (午), then 2014 is a good year for you. However, if your Personal Qi needs Wood energy - Jia (甲), 2014 won’t be your favorable year because Fire will use up all the Wood energy.

Generally speaking, people whose Chinese zodiac sign is Horse will have an unstable year in 2014. According to Feng Shui, when some earth Qi meet the same earth Qi, they will have a strong conflict between the two, and we call this kind of phenomenon as “自刑” (hurting oneself). Wu Fire is one of these earth Qi.

The “Hurting Oneself” is just a general concept that describes the special phenomenon of the same Qi meeting. We simply can’t use the word “good” or “bad” when labeling the phenomenon. The best word to describe this phenomenon is an “unstable”. In 2014, for people whose Chinese zodiac sign is Horse, some people may have good opportunities, but others may have challenging time.

For people whose Chinese zodiac sign is Horse, you should be caution in 2014.

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