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Feng shui dancing in a winter garden

Dancing in the park
Dancing in the park
Friends of Topiary Park Columbus, Ohio

Mother Nature paints in the spring, summer and fall.  But, in the winter, she sculpts. Feng shui gardens are designed for year round interaction but stresses that the foundation of the garden is its bones.  If you miss your garden in the winter months, look at it with new eyes this spring and design for next winters dancers. 

A winter garden is just as important or maybe the most important consideration when designing and choosing plants and lawn art.  Designing  a garden that will delight one's senses year round takes a little time.  Creating  skeletal structures within a garden on which Mother Nature can mold her beauty should be the beginning point  for your garden.  

If planned strategically, nature presents one of the most beautiful serene gardens around in the winter time.  You may be on the inside looking out, however participants in your winter garden are dancing and having fun. 

You have your waltzers, the limbs on coniferous trees and plants, swaying and dipping back and forth.  Then there are birds who do the tango, bobbing to and fro eating from bird feeders and fighting for the dance floor.  And don't forget the observers, the garden structures, when covered with snow, look like casual on-lookers  enjoying the music and motion of Mother Nature's orchestrated canvas.

When planning  your winter garden keep these pointers in mind:

  1. Add feeders for birds and squirrels strategically to bring life to an otherwise dormant scene.  A good example might be a bird feeder outside a bathroom window that can be viewed while taking a relaxing morning soak.
  2. Build unique forms and structures into your spring garden that will provide shapes and forms for your winter garden when it snows.
  3. Strategically place outdoor furniture with color so that you can see the color bleed through snow or dreary overcast days.
  4. Plant evergreens at different heights in your garden.  Step back and imagine how they might look in a winter landscape.  Will they be observers or will they be dancers?
  5. If you have a small yard and home and transition through a hallway with a window, create a simplistic vignette that you can gaze upon as you pass the window.  What a great a location for a mini meditation moment.
  6. Visit the Topiary Park at the corners of Town and Washington Streets and enjoy the tranquility of a winter garden.


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