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FENCING IN THE BAY AREA – A Grand Opening new fencing center on Sunday, May 18th

Opening of the Massialas Fencing Center
Opening of the Massialas Fencing Center
Photo provided by Bob Cornman at my request

My friend Bob Cornman from the Western Aikido Association contacted me about the Grand Opening of the Massialas Fencing Center in San Francisco on May 18th. Fencing is a new “martial art” for this column, but this opening is worth supporting and it’s right here in our backyard.

The coach in charge, Greg Massialas, received the 2013 “National Coach of the Year for Fencing Men’s Foil” from the US Olympic Committee. His teams and students have consistently placed top in World major tournaments and events.

To writ, at the NCAA Fencing Championships this year, his fencers took a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. These were broadcast live on ESPN3. Here’s the link to the Semi-Finals and Finals.

The Massialas Fencing Center is located at 2530 Taraval Street, SF, 94116. This is on the west side of Sunset Blvd following Taraval west (for those of whom of you who know San Francisco). It’s an easy location to find from either 280 or 19th Avenue, and right on the "L" Taraval Muni line.

Greg's email address is: For questions about this event, you can also call: 415-411-0521.