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Feminist professor assaults underage girl on campus

In a case of “free speech for me but not for thee” a feminist studies professor at the University of California Santa Barbara assaulted a 16 year old girl who was participating in a pro life demonstration. Ironically the assault took place on the public university’s “Free Speech Zone”. There a few things of note at play here and the abortion debate is (to me) the least interesting. (Personally I am pro-choice, not that it matters for this discussion) The American university system has not only become openly hostile to heterodox points of view; it regularly clamps down on expression that runs afoul of the leftist worldview. All while claiming to be independent institutions of intellectual exploration and receiving billions in taxpayer money and subsidies.

In this instance a professor deemed it acceptable to not only lead a group of students in a counter protest, but when her counter protest was failing; she attempted to incite violence against the peaceful protestors. She personally stole the protestors’ property and then physically attacked a young girl. The irony of a feminist studies professor visiting violence upon an underage female is almost too amazing to ignore. What is worse is that this professor serves as proof of what other groups are constantly reminding us.

American universities are leftist institutions that have become almost fascist in their stifling of opposing viewpoints. While it’s true that any politically oriented institution; conservative, libertarian or liberal would generally advantage certain opinion over others, this is wholly different. Conservative institutions are not pretending to be major institutions of higher learning or the arbiters of the “intellectual”. Further, UC Santa Barbara is a public university and so legally bound by free speech laws.

Universities, even private ones, often receive billions in government subsidies, tax breaks, and land grants, not to mention all the student loan money funneled through the government. As such, they have a responsibility both by mission, and by virtue of their status, to encourage open and honest debate and respect opposing viewpoints. Students will thrive when their worldviews are challenged and they can apply critical thinking and reasoned analysis. Despite their own hype, this does not describe the modern American university; these are liberal dominant institutions pretending to be independent arbiters of thought and intellectual pursuits on the taxpayer’s dime. This is a scam that needs to end.

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