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Feminist hatemongers on Twitter push campaign to kill all men

On Sunday, liberal feminists on Twitter issued a number of messages calling for the death of all men using the hashtag "#killallmen," Infowars reported Monday.

Hatemongers on Twitter call for men to be exterminated.

"Imagine the outrage if a group of male bigots had descended on the social network to promote the trend #killallwomen – accounts would be deleted and feminists would be up in arms at such a brazen display of misogyny," Paul Joseph Watson wrote.

Watson posted a number of tweets and a video showing some of the messages.

"My housemate changed supermarkets because the security man wouldn't stop asking for her number. #killallmen," one person tweeted.

"A guy I barely know tried to hit on me with Smiths lyrics. Then another guy I barely know basically gave me a friendzone rant. #killallmen," another person said.

One tweet by a male feminist said men's rights activists should "go away and die."

Some even discussed how men should be murdered.

"Stabbing is not my preferred method for #killallmen, TBH. Too messy," one person said.

"Archery early tomorrow morning. Preparing for when it’s time to #killallmen," another person tweeted.

Some messages fell short of genocide, but called for a massive reduction in the number of men on the planet.

"Not endorsing that we #killallmen, (some of my best friends, etc), but reducing men to 1 in 4 would solve many of Society's problems," one person said.

"This person isn’t well," said Michael McKenna. "There’s nothing to be gained here."

The hate-filled rhetoric continued Monday, according to a search of Twitter.

The idea of exterminating men is not new.

In 1967, for example, Valerie Solanas wrote a particularly vile, profane screed called the "SCUM Manifesto." SCUM stands for "Society for Cutting Up Men."

"SCUM will kill all men who are not in the Men's Auxiliary of SCUM," Solanas wrote.

"Of course," Watson wrote, "no one is suggesting that feminists really want to wipe out the male population, that would be silly, but then again some of the tweets actually do call for outright genocide."

One person said the hatred behind the "#killallmen" hashtag is "real enough" and proves that militant feminism is a movement motivated by hate.

Video of the messages can be seen above.



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