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Feminist comedian Laura Levites tells pro-life teen she should be murdered

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On Wednesday, feminist comedian Laura Levites proved that liberalism is an ideology of hate and rage when she told a pro-life Christian teen she should be murdered.

After calling Christians "scumbags" and suggesting Agent Orange be legalized, Twitter user Bethany Bowra asked if Levites thought murder should be legal.

"[Y]es it should," Levites said, adding: "[Y]ou should be murdered."

"Excuse me?!?!?" one person responded.

"So much hate in her soul. Just pity her. Her 15 mins are just about up," another person said.

Earlier Wednesday, we reported that Levites said she wanted to castrate all conservative Christian males. Apparently, Levites' statement advocating murder sprang from that online rant.

Levites also issued a number of bigoted, anti-Christian tweets, most of which are so profane and vile they cannot be included here.

In one tweet, she actually suggested she be nominated for sainthood.

In another, she proclaimed her love for Muslims and said in no uncertain terms that she hates "white conservative hypocritical Christians."

Bowra responded sarcastically: "I mean, how do you REALLY feel?"

"You mad, bro?" she asked in another tweet.

"So this is liberal 'comedy,'" she added.

But Levites' comment is not just an example of what passes for "comedy" from liberals. It is, instead, more proof that liberalism -- at it's very core -- is an ideology that thrives on insane hatred, often to the point of calling for murder, or in some cases, genocide.

In July 2011, for example, gay sex columnist Dan Savage said he wished all Republicans were dead.

Liberal talk show host Mike Malloy once said he wished an "angel of the Lord" would murder everyone in the Tea Party by cutting off their heads.

Throughout the 2012 election, liberal hatemongers repeatedly expressed a desire to see Republicans murdered.

After the tragic Newtown school shooting, anti-gun liberals called for gun rights supporters to be killed. One of those issuing the calls for violence was a member of the Texas Democratic Party Executive Committee. Even Hollywood celebrities like Marg Helgenberger jumped on the pro-violence against gun supporters bandwagon.

Some on the left have even suggested Obama use the military against the Tea Party.

These are just a few of the many examples we have covered at Examiner, and taken together, they are enough to make one think liberals like Levites want a second, bloody civil war in America.



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