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Feminine Valentine’s Day hair

Blowpro Faux Dry for Feminine Valentine's Day Hair

Looking for the perfect coif this Valentine’s Day? According to Gregory Patterson, celebrity stylist and global educator for blowpro, “sexy hair is touchable, tousled, and looks effortless (even though we all know by now it requires a process).”

“A look that I created for an episode of project runways new show Under the Gunn as lead hairstylist - and am seeing it all over the runways for spring 2014 is what I call - the knotted pony,” says Patterson. “It embodies the effortless feeling and romantic allure all women want to create for their special Cupid.”

This look is best for hair that reaches the shoulders or below.

To create the knotted pony-

Begin with dry hair - second or third day hair is best. If you need to absorb any oil or residue use blowpro faux dry, dry shampoo at the roots, poof, and massage to refresh your volume and absorb oil.

Next divide your hair into 4 big sections: 2 in the front and 2 in the back. Spray dry hair with thickening mist by blowpro, lightly - you want this thickening spray in the hair to just add a little dampness and will provide the perfect hold for the technique.

Taking your blow dryer on medium heat high speed, twist each section into tight rope-like coils. Twist the two front sections away from your face hitting them with heat from the blow dryer until you feel them become warm.

Next, wrap the warm coils up into little cinnamon bun-like shapes and secure them with jaw clips. Repeat the process on the back of the head and let sit at least 10 minutes to completely cool. This technique makes the perfect beachy waves without the need of a curling iron.

Once cool, release the buns, flip head over and blast your entire head of hair with textstyle dry texture spray, scrunching into your newly formed beach waves.

Then establish where you want your part and gather hair at the nape of the neck as though you were going to create a ponytail. At this point divide the ponytail into two, and tie them together just like you would a shoestring, for longer hair add a few more knots using the same process. This look is super cute tied off with an elastic and a ribbon to make it ultra girly and feminine or push up the knots to the base of the neck and secure with bobby pins to create an effortless updo. Pull out some pieces around the front hair line to keep the look alluring and effortless.

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