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'Feminine Not Fragile' Trunk Show

Scott Jaguar Showroom
Scott Jaguar Showroom
A 'Feminine not Fragile' Spring 2010 design
A 'Feminine not Fragile' Spring 2010 design
Natasha Land/Teen Scoop and Mark Pendergrass/Snap Photos

Despite the gloomy weather outside, a fashion soirée commenced this past Friday, February 5, 2010 at the Scott Jaguar dealership. Though the cars had been moved out of the showroom, the guests that filled it were just as fabulous. A representative from Ralph Lauren, a nationally-renowned tailor, local designers, and fashion bloggers were just a few of the handsome people that came out to support Blaine Degannes' Spring 2010 collection for Rain Anthology entitled 'Feminine not Fragile'.

Degannes began designing apparel just a few years ago after taking a design class lead by local designer, Tara Davis. Shortly afterwards, Degannes debuted his first collection at Charlotte, NC Fashion Week 2008. "He didn't know very much of anything when he came to me," Davis stated in reflection on teaching Degannes to sew. "He was like a sponge though, and he had a mission, which was to get his pieces together for Charlotte Fashion Week." "Once he could do it, he went for it!"

As Degannes is a native of Trinidad, the color palette shown throughout his collection was obviously in direct correlation with his Caribbean roots. Bright hues or red, blue, green and orange brought out a vivid portrayal of the spring season to come. The collection featured a mixture of ready to wear and evening wear pieces in body conscious designs, sheer and satin fabrics, and ruching details. "I thought it was a great show," William Wilson energetically remarked. "He had the right number of looks; there was a good flow, and a common theme." Wilson, who tailored Calvin Richardson's 'best-dressed' winning suit from the Grammy's, definitely knows something about fashion. "I've been to a lot of shows, and some of them are just too all over the place, but this one had a really good mix of clothing that worked well together."

After the fashion viewing, sales representatives worked to take orders for the designs. A portion of the proceeds were donated to Purple Passion 4 Alzheimer's, a non-profit organization that focuses on Alzheimer's disease awareness and working towards a cure. Dressed in an elegant design by Degannes, Cynthia Griner, founder & CEO of Purple Passion, shared her enthusiastic efforts in overcoming the disease's effect on our national welfare, while encouraging everyone to give support.

Photo ops and networking filled the rest of the evening as champagne, from Barefoot Wine, and desserts, from Johnson & Wales' Bakery & Pastry club, were served. For more information on Rain Anthology by Blaine Degannes visit To find out more about the Purple Passion 4 Alzheimer's visit:

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