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Female serial killer: Death toll could be as high as 100

The female serial killer, Miranda Barbour, is still in jail.

The female serial killer, Miranda Barbour, may have killed many more than the 22 people she originally confessed to. She is also known as the “Craigslist Killer” and “Satanic Murderer.” According to a February 17 report by TMZ, she could have killed as many as 100 people.

Miranda Barbour's attorney is wanting her confession to be thrown out. The attorney says she asked for an attorney and she wasn't allowed to contact one. That is a violation of her constitutional rights.

The problem with that is Barbour also confessed to stabbing the man she met on Craigslist to a reporter. She also confessed to a lot more during that jailhouse interview.

Miranda Barbour's attorney also doesn't believe that she deserves the death penalty, if convicted of the Craigslist murder. Despite stabbing the man she met for sex over 20 times, the attorney doesn't think there is any evidence of torture.

At the time of publication, it is unknown exactly how many people the female serial killer has murdered. At the time of publication, the details of the other people the "Craigslist Killer" allegedly killed have not been released. Those following the case are interested to know who the "Satanic Murderer" has killed, when she killed them and where the bodies are located.

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