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Female serial killer becomes 'Super Miranda' to commit murder

The female serial killer, Miranda Barbour, is still in jail.

Miranda Barbour, the female serial killer, thinks that her alter ego has killed less than 100 people. Known as both the “Craigslist Killer” and the “Satanic Murderer,” Barbour stopped counting the number of people she killed after killing 22. According to a February 17 report by TMZ, the female serial killer becomes “Super Miranda” and then kills her victim.

The “Craigslist Killer” also claims she only killed “bad people.” She stated that she only took the lives of people who abused children and those who “owed money.”

Her excuses do not stop there. Barbour also claims that “satanism controlled what was inside her.” That is why she now has the moniker of “Satanic Murderer.”

All of this could be an act, helping her attorney to set up an insanity plea. Her attorney is trying to get her confession thrown out, claiming the female serial killer asked for an attorney and was not allowed to contact one. The attorney also doesn't believe she should get the death penalty for killing the man from Craigslist she met for sex.

The female serial killer claims she started killing people when she was only 13. She is now only 19. Her last victim, Troy LaFerrara, was killed because he still wanted to have sex with her – despite her claim she was underage. Miranda Barbour claims to have been sexually abused in that past. If the claim is true, the alter ego “Super Miranda” may have been created to protect her from event in her life.

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