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Female Orgasm Support And Health Benefits Of Female Orgasm

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Nowadays most women want an orgasm. This is contrary to what was the case a couple of years ago where many adult females did not climax and a lot of them weren’t even bothered about it. Probably most of them didn’t actually know what an orgasm was. A research that was conducted recently showed that huge number of women think that it is normal to have no experience of orgasm.


What happens in woman’s body when she reaches climax is much more the same to what their male counterparts experience when they ejaculate. It is actually a feeling of increasing excitement that builds up to a point where everything blows in great blast of ecstasy. This great moment is characterized by surges of contraction in the sex organs that lasts of about 8 seconds. Of course men are very much aware that this moment of pleasure is usually accompanied by pumping out spurs of seminal fluid but this is not the case with women although a fairly small portion of women usually produce some fluid at orgasms.

Harsh economic times, depression, stress, use of birth control pills, swinging moods, loss of focus, instant weight gain among other has greatly affected the sex drive of many women. This has made many women not be able to meet the sexual expectation of their partners and this has greatly affected many relationships. This has lead many women to seek the help natural libido enhancer so as to help them boost their sexual drive and also boost the female orgasm support. But what are the main benefits of orgasms? Below are main heath benefits of having an orgasm.

1. It increases fertility

An orgasm can help to increase your fertility. This is because, when you climax the hypothalamus gland which is responsible for regulating body temperature , appetite , emotions and the pituitary gland can regulate the release of reproductive hormone that induce cervical fluid and ovulation thus boosting your fertility.

2. It helps to keep your sexual parts healthy

The extra stimulation usually causes the blood to rush to the genital parts keeping it refreshed. A study that was conducted recently showed that those women who have orgasm regularly are less likely to get endometriosis which is a dangerous uterine condition that can actually lead to infertility.

3. It offers powerful pain relief

Studies show that a powerful orgasm can actually double a woman tolerance to pain. A good orgasm is able to suppress pain without affecting the sensitivity to touch which is a very important ingredient when it comes to sex.

4. Helps to reduce stress.

Studies show that women who have sex and reaches maximum are less likely to have stress. This is because, the so called cuddle hormone is usually released at the point of orgasms and helps to relieve stress and blood pressure meaning that you be a healthier person.

5. It helps you sleep better.

In addition to trust bonding and attachment with your partner, an orgasm usually trigger the release of a feel good hormone which can help you have a good night sleep after a great sex. Some women with difficulties turn to natural female orgasm support products like Libidra.

In conclusion, having an orgasm in your relationship is healthy. It is a clear indication that both of you enjoy sex and that can boost the trust ,bonding and attachment with your partner.