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Female facial expressions you might want to know

Finding a female mate to love and be loved by can be quite a challenge. We've all heard that knowledge is power. Following are some informational tidbits on female facial expressions that may empower you during your search. You will need to be courageous and open-minded. But hey, you are those things already, right?

  • Pursed lips. This typically indicates frustration or mild anger. She is trying really hard to keep the words she is thinking from leaving her mouth. You probably said or did something mildly offensive that triggered this expression.
  • One raised eyebrow. This shows curiosity and interest in you. It's an indication of wanting to know more about you. This can also mean flirting but because females are complex, you can't always know for sure. Sucks, doesn't it?
  • Wide open eyes and lips slightly parted. She is stunned or maybe even shocked by something you said or did. Or maybe even something you didn't say or do. It is not one of the more pleasant facial expressions and is usually followed by her getting up and leaving.
  • One corner of mouth raised with nose slightly scrunched. Utter contempt. There probably won't be a second date.
  • Rolling eyes. She can't believe that you actually said or did something that stupid. She truly feels embarrassed for you and embarrassed to be seen in your company.
  • Full smile that doesn't reach her eyes. Women tend to be far more advanced in social etiquette and manners in general than men. This facial expression just means she's being polite.
  • Full smile that does reach her eyes. She likes you and enjoys your company. You said or did something to trigger a sense of comfort in being with you.
  • Squinted eyes with lowered brows. This is anger a step above pursed lips. You will probably get an earful within a few seconds.
  • Licking her lips when they aren't dry. She's sexually attracted to you. Nice, right? But you won't always know unless you straight out ask her if her lips are dry.
  • Semi-smile with sideways glances. She's really sexually attracted to you and you don't have to concern yourself with all that dry lips stuff.
  • No facial expressions at all. She has trouble with emotions or could be a sociopath. Finish the date and then probably don't go out again.
  • Squinted eyes with lowered brows and flared nostrils. Run! Now! And don't look back.
  • A sparkle in her eyes. She probably loves you.

You may want to make a copy of this and bring it with you on your next date. But if she sees it and asks what you are doing, be prepared for several of the above facial expressions.

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