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Female entrepreneurs continue to reach new heights

Female entrepreneurs continue to reach new heights
Female entrepreneurs continue to reach new heights
Successful Women Today

While there still remains disparity between how much money women and men earn in executive roles, there have never been more women than there are today who are in power and positions of authority at companies around the world.

Recently, Cox Business published the findings of a survey among U.S.-based female entrepreneurs. Nearly three fourths of those surveyed are optimistic about their business.

The Cox Business survey reveals a variety of factors are driving women to enter the entrepreneurial ranks, ranging from the opportunity to be their own boss (61 percent) to having more control of their "own destinies" (52 percent).

At the same time, other women business owners chose entrepreneurship as a way to pursue their passion (47 percent); 32 percent to make more than they could by working for someone else and 28 percent to spend more time with family/children.

So with more opportunities than ever for women to succeed as entrepreneurs in the world today, what are some helpful tips for beginning the journey into small business success?

This week, PayAnywhere - a national mobile payments provider and a trusted resource among America's small businesses - and unveiled "Seven Tips for Female Entrepreneurs." They include:

  1. Start a business that works for you and fits with your personal life.
  2. Don't sweat the bureaucracy.
  3. For businesses with moderate to significant overhead, it is crucial to start the business with adequate funds.
  4. If you need start-up or expansion financing, consider sources other than traditional banks.
  5. Don't worry if you don't consider yourself a sales type.
  6. Network like a social butterfly - it is one of the best ways to market your business and create profitable opportunities.
  7. Forge relationships with contacts before you need help from them.

For more helpful tips and insight, be sure to check out the PayAnywhere blog here.

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