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Female Craigslist serial killer admits to at least 22 other murders

Miranda Barbour, a 19-year-old Pennsylvania woman has been charged alongside her new hubby of murder. They targeted their victim through craigslist and murdered him to celebrate their 3 week anniversary.

Victim lured through craigslist add to be murdered in celebration of 3 week anniversary. She had a one year old child from a previous relationship.
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Barbour has a one year old child from a previous relationship, and she has recently admitted to killing more than 22 other people across the country in a jailhouse interview. Police are investigating the claims.

Barbour says she "wants to plead guilty to killing Troy LaFerrara in November." She went on to admit to killing 22 other people "from Alaska to North Carolina in the last six years as part of her involvement in a satanic cult."

Her statement to a reporter on Saturday night was, "I feel it is time to get all of this out. I don't care if people believe me. I just want to get it out."

Both the FBI and additional law enforcement agencies in the other states have been contacted.

Mazzeo states that "From information we gathered and from information gathered from her interview we are seriously concerned and have been in contact with the proper authorities."

The death penalty is being sought in the case against Elytte Barbour and Miranda Barbour.

She got a response from her victim through posing as an online Craigslist prostitute offering sexual favors for money. She admitted that she would kill again if released.

Details on whether or not her admission of the 22 other murders are true have not been released at this time. However, she did give a timeline that caused enough concern to contact the authorities in those states.

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