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Female banker jumps to her death bringing industry deaths to 14

Who is killing bankers?
Who is killing bankers?
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On April 22, another mysterious banker death occurred in the nation of France when Lydia (no surname given) was found to have allegedly jumped to her death during business hours. This unfortunate event now brings the ongoing trend of sudden banker deaths to 14, and also provides the first female banker to join this macabre dead pool.

Lydia was a banker for France's Bred-Banque-Populaire, and according to witness accounts, her death occurred shortly after having an argument with superiors within her institution. In fact, details note that she was questioning upper management over an undisclosed issue, and then just a short time after was discovered to have jumped to her death at the bank's headquarters.

An employee of the Bred-Banque Populaire has committed suicide, Tuesday, April 22 in the morning at the headquarters of the bank. On her arrival at headquarters, quai de la Rapee, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris...

The incident occurred shortly before 10 am, 200 meters from the Ministry of Finance.

According to our sources, she questioned his superiors before jumping out the window, that formally denies the direction of the Bank. - Le Parisien

Since January of this year, 14 known individuals within the banking industry have either committed suicide, or died of mysterious causes. Many of these deaths have ranged from one individual hanging himself within his own apartment, to another dying of 8 to 10 nails fired into his head from a nail gun.

While most of these deaths appear to be open and shut cases of suicide, or the actions of a deranged client, a former insider for a major bank has reported for several months now that there is a list of over 200 potential bankers tied to Wall Street who may be subject for assassination regarding knowledge they may have, or could give, in testimony for ongoing fraud investigations around the world.

As with any industry that employs tens of thousands of people, deaths within that industry are rarely causes for concern. But when these deaths occur in great numbers, and under auspicious circumstances in a short amount of time, then the old adage of where there is smoke, there is fire is a valid question to ask regarding 14 mysterious death occurring in the industry in just a few short months.

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