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Feline Fun – Games to play with your cat

Games to Play with your Cat
Games to Play with your Cat
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As a cat owner you have a residential playmate. Cats are fun and like to play chase, catch, fetch and pounce amid other things and rarely tire. Here are some great games you can play with your cat that you will both enjoy.

Food Games
If your kitty loves mealtimes then you have a wide range of food games that you can play with her.

If your cat eats kibble or dry food you can use up her energy and take her back to nature for her dinner. By delivering her food over a few minutes and throwing the kibble along the ground one piece at a time she will naturally be chasing her dinner. This type of game will use both her mind and body to keep your cat happy and healthy.

If you are short of time many pet stores have activity balls which you can use for active feeding. This is a small ball which you can place kibble into that has an exit hole. Your cat then will need to push the ball around in order to encourage the kibble out of the hole. When she gets the idea your cat will love this toy.

Chase and Pounce
Chase and pounce games can be varied by using different toys and improvisations. The keen kitty will be happy to chase anything on a bit of string, from a piece of newspaper to the most elaborate of cat toys. By keeping it still then twitching the object gently you will be speaking directly to the cats hunt instinct, she will quickly begin to chase the item. You can then make the chase game more elaborate.

Another variation on this game is to cover your hands with a sheet of either newspaper or material and wriggle your fingers around underneath for kitty to chase. If your pet is reluctant to join the game then it’s time to finely tune your tactics. Cats survived for many years before domestication by catching small creatures to eat. Therefore even the most laid back feline will pay attention to small scratching sounds and tiny movement. It is in their genes and a natural instinct. This attention is certainly something you can work on with gentle encouragement.

Some pet stores sell a laser pointer specifically for cats. The toy shines a small dot of red light onto any surface that you point it towards. By playing chase with a light in this way you can encourage agility in your cat. Be careful though never to shine it directly in your cats face.

Clicker Training for Cats
Cats can be clicker trained. As long as your cat has learned that each click means a tasty reward you can reinforce any behavior that you would like your kitty to repeat. Start by tuning in your cat and giving a tiny treat when you press the clicker. As soon as your cat expects a treat begin to click and reward when she does something useful. Clicker training can be used to teach tricks, reward helpful behavior and even encourage of litter box usage.

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