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Feline depression exists

I couldn;'t be more blue
Karla Kirby

Human beings aren't the only ones who can get attack of depression. Felines do to and if it’s not addressed, a cat can develop serious medical problems as a result. If you perceive your kitty is gloomy and depressed, consult a veterinarian as quickly as you can. Now is not too soon.

Cats do not like change - particularly abrupt, major changes that upset their standard routine in a major way. Keeping this in mind, some of the circumstances which may prompt feline depression are:
• Loss of a family member or of a companion animal
• Excessive shouting and arguing between people in the family home
• Change of surroundings such as a new home or boarding cattery
• Any unexpected change in routine such as his/her owner who was at home much of the time lands a new job and is now out much more.

Signs of feline depression are: lack of grooming, loss or lack of appetite, lack of energy, excessive napping, personality changes, constant meowing, hiding for long periods of times, deliberately doing things he/she knows are wrong and stopping to use his/her litter box.

General lethargy and loss of appetite and can point to depression, but they can also be a sign of physical illnesses which will need to be established and taken care of before they get any worse. So, if you notice there's any chance your cat's sudden change in personality, appetite or habits could be due to a physical illness, you should take him/her to the veterinarian immediately.

If there's nothing physically wrong with your feline and he/she’s simply depressed because of state of affairs he/she doesn't like, kitty will need loads of affection, attention and assurance to get his/her feline self back on track. You can't always remove the cause of the anxiety, but by making her/him feel secure and protected you can go a long way towards lifting the sad moods.

Grooming your cat on an every day basis will help you bond even better with him/her and will encourage kitty to start grooming him/her self once again.

If your feline’s being left alone for extended periods of time, consider getting another cat to keep her/him company, or see if you can get a friend to visit him/her when you're out.
Giving him catnip as a special treat may help to lift his/her mood.

If everything else fails, feline depression can be treated with anti-depressants from the veterinarian. Conversely, they are unlikely to work on their own; your feline will still need plenty of encouragement and attention to get him/her back to his/her old self.

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