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Feinstein's flawed Benghazi logic

On Thursday, Dianne Feinstein attempted to argue that Hillary Clinton wasn't responsible for protecting US diplomats.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., noted that the bipartisan report released this week on the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks in Libya did not mention Clinton even once.

“I regret that the ‘Additional Views’ of the report adopted solely by six members of the Republican minority unfairly criticizes Secretary Clinton,” Feinstein said in a statement. “I want the record to be clear: I condemn any effort to use this report for political purposes.

Nothing in the bipartisan report, Feinstein said, assigned any blame for the attacks to Clinton, who was secretary of State at the time.

Technically, Sen. Feinstein is right. There's nothing in the report that affixes blame on Hillary Clinton for not protecting US diplomats at diplomatic facilities. That doesn't mean Hillary shouldn't be criticized for not protecting Christopher Stevens, especially considering the fact that he'd sent her multiple urgent cables telling her that al-Qa'ida terrorist activities were increasing in Benghazi.

Charles Krauthammer's commentary was especially critical of the report:

The weakness of the Senate report is that it blames buildings. It blames the State Department. It blames the CIA. It blames the military, these bureaucracies. In the end, it doesn’t blame anybody. No human is held accountable.

Let's apply Sen. Feinstein's logic that buildings were responsible for protecting Christopher Stevens at the consulate to a different situation. Specifically, let's apply that thinking to Abu Ghraib. If that thinking had been applied to that, Donald Rumsfeld shouldn't have been held accountable for the abuse of prisoners. The 5-sided building he worked in, aka the Pentagon building, should've been blamed for Abu Ghraib.

During the Bush administration, one Democrat after another accused President Bush of torturing terrorists. Code Pink insisted that President Bush be tried for war crimes for waterboarding terrorists. Applying the report's logic to the waterboarding of terrorists should've been blamed on the CIA building at Langley, not to President Bush.

There's nothing on the record that Democrats thought the CIA headquarters building should've been held accountable for waterboarding. However, there's tons of proof that Democrats used the waterboarding of terrorists for political gain. There's no record of Sen. Feinstein complaining of politicizing that at the time.

Sen. Feinstein should come clean with the American people and admit that she's criticizing Republicans in an attempt to run interference for Hillary.

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