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Feinstein 'fed up' with Obama drama

Dianne Feinstein 'fed up' with Obama drama
Dianne Feinstein 'fed up' with Obama drama
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

It’s fake; it’s phony, and unacceptable that The White House failed to communicate in a timely, accurate, and complete manner with Congressional overseers in the case of the Taliban hostage trade for Bowe Bergdahl. This topic drones on because the Obama administration bypassed Congress with all due intention. It did so for different reasons:

  • Didn’t want to be told by Congress not to make the trade
  • Wanted to make the trade to set the ball rolling for closing Gitmo
  • Knew that Congress would object
  • May have been concerned about the consequences to Bowe Bergdahl
  • Knew of Bowe Bergdahl’s questionable AWOL and mental status

Nonetheless, when President Obama ticks off Senator Dianne Feinstein, he is in deep trouble. It is as if Obama is freewheeling.

“Obama-Congress intelligence pipeline broken

By BURGESS EVERETT | 6/15/14 7:55 PM EDT Updated: 6/16/14 6:34 AM EDT

The Senate’s spy watchdogs are abuzz over what lawmakers describe as a low point in relations with the Obama administration and its intelligence policymakers.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein has taken to the Senate floor and Sunday shows to denounce the administration for failing to communicate with Congress about the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and the alleged seizure of committee documents by the Central Intelligence Agency. News of the Bergdahl trade even took two days to reach the senator.
After saying her piece, Feinstein is fed up with the drama.”

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