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Feijoada Verde e Amarela, on Saturday, March 8th, in Sunnyvale.

Flyer Feijoada Verde e Amarela
by F. Dib and G. Piccoli

Do you know what is Feijoada? It a typical dish from Brazil, a stew made of black beans and pork (salted, everything), cooked for hours, and served with rice, oranges, green collards, and farofa (seasoned manioc flour, roasted in a pan). Some add fried bananas.
It is said that this was slave's dish, a survival dish: porks and beans were the only things they had available to cook to feed lots of people at the same time and it was rich enough to nourish them. Nutritiously, feijoada is very complete: the vitamin C in the oranges help the absorption of the iron from the beans and the green collards. The beans provide vitamin B and fibers. The protein comes form the pork and from the beans. Green collards, dark leaf green, is rich in nutrients. The rice provide the carbs and the meal is complete.

Through the years, however, this delicous dish spread through the country, and is now a staple of Brazilian cuisine as much as a Brazilian barbecue or muqueca (fish stew with coconut milk) or acarajé (black eyed peas dough fried with shrimp and other stuff inside).

Since Brazilians like to eat and to party, and feijoada can never be small, any time a feijoada is cooked it becomes a party. :-)

Come experience this delicious dish and the authentic Brazilian savoir faire at the Feijoada Verde e Amarela, in Sunnyvale, next Saturday, March 8, promoted by the energetics Fabiane Dib and Gabriela Piccoli. You must buy your tkts at: until this Sunday, March 2nd. There will be NO tickets for sale after that!

Live music and fun activities for children (this is a family event).
Special Guest: Leo Brasil e Banda. Wear your costume and let's have fun!

Adobe Wells Club House
1220 Tasman Dr
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Saturday, March 8, 2014 from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Kids: 0-3 FREE / 4-12 $8.00
12 and up $20.00

Must buy you tickets ONLINE ONLY until Sunday, March 2nd, at:

NO tickets on sale after Sunday, March 2nd or on the day of the event.

Stay tuned for the Churrasco Verde e Amarelo in September!!!

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