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Feels good to have the blues!

Blue lipstick is the hottest beauty trend for the 21st century
Cosmopolitan Magazine

Having the blues doesn't have to be a bad thing. Ever heard of the "feel good blues?" Of course not! We just sporadically came up with this genius term. LOL! For whatever it is worth; Trying a fun, spunky, edgy and futuristic beauty look can snap you out of whatever you are feeling. In return; you might grow to like it.

We do know; wearing colorful lips has become a popular [daring] beauty trend. Every woman who does not work the typical 9 to 5 job; can incorporate this look into her everyday life. For those of you who live life according to your rules ie..' freelance workers, artist, musicians, fashion daredevils or entrepeneurs, cheers to!

Take a chance on something blue. This color is making its presence known within the beauty and fashion industry at a very fast pace. Women aren't afraid to take a risk when it comes to representing who they truly are, or want to become. Studies show. As time moves forward women are becoming more rebellious. [Screw the rules!] This is exactly what they are saying with their style and beauty. The world is forever changing, and so will the "traditional" beauty look.

Baring your authentic beauty will always remain. However; being edgy will take you straight into the 21st century and keep you on trend with whats "hot" and happening. Once must consider their true beauty potential. If going blue every once in a while gives you that "i look good" kick. Why not try it!

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