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Feelings, Facts, Faith

Discover the beauty of faith
Discover the beauty of faith

There are basically three characteristics that rule a person's life and those characteristics are feelings, facts and faith. Usually one of these characteristics will play a dominant role in living and controlling a person's lifestyle and choices.

Every human chooses how they want to live their life. Some choose to live by feelings whereby they are controlled by emotions involving desires, anger, pleasures and sensations. Such people let their feelings manipulate their thinking and their decision-making concerning life and how to live it.

These types of individuals usually want a care-free life without worries, complications or frustrations. They become pleasure seekers looking for excitement, joy and happiness all the time. However they also allow feelings of anger and frustration to upset them and cause them to react to situations in the wrong way. Ever heard of anger management?

Others live by facts and reasoning ability. Logic takes over and unless the facts and figures measure up these people usually limit what they do and how they do it. Life becomes very controlled through strategies, programs, evaluations and statistics that concentrate on human reasoning to make it in life.

Such a lifestyle can leave people without trust, compassion, sympathy and concern for others. These individuals usually become so wrapped up in facts and figures that they loose sight of belief and trust in the Lord.

Finally we have those who live by faith. Faith can be misunderstood sometimes as to what it really consists of. Faith is not necessarily a blind leap in the dark to believe in something simply because we want it to happen. Faith is God-directed and obedience-based whereby we listen to the Lord and follow His instructions.

Sometimes we confuse faith with feelings by thinking determinism and excitement are signs of faith to go a certain direction in life. Actually it may just be wanting something done or accomplished that we feel good about. In the end it doesn't work out since the decision wasn't God-directed or obedience-based.

Sometimes we confuse faith with facts by thinking the Lord is speaking to us through evaluations, information and statistics that we may interpret as promising. If the truth is known it's just us seeing a situation that looks good and wanting to proceed with it. God's directions are not in the situation and obedience to Him is far away. Therefore the condition fails.

Living by faith is probably the most difficult of the three ways to live but it's the most rewarding. True faith promises better results than feelings or facts. Develop your faith by developing your relationship with the Holy Spirit so you know His voice.

The Holy Spirit will lead us and guide us into ALL truth and show us things to come (John 16:13). This requires faith and trust in Him. The Holy Spirit will lead us to the right feelings and the right facts at the right time concerning what is true in life. The results will be a lot better!

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