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Feelings After Historic World Cup Final Match


(AP Photo/Armando Franca)

Congratulations to La Furia Roja for a hard fought, well deserved win over the Netherlands for their 1st World Cup title. Looking back on the match, it wasn't entertaining but it was dramatic and memorable. Probably because of the record number yellow cards and for Andres Iniesta's game winning goal. The goal in the 116th minute was the latest game winner in World Cup final history.
(AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)

There is a sense that we as football fans were cheated in this World Cup final match especially by the Dutch. A nation known for Total Football and boasting some of the best goal scoring, goal attacking players of all time resorted to hard fouling and physical play.  Its a shame that Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk was so scared of Spain's style that he instructed his players to be thuggish and turn the match into a fight scene from "Enter The Dragon."
(AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)

Spain were clearly the best team in the tournament and are worthy champions. The message given by The Spaniards is that skill and aggressive offensive minded tactics will triumph over fear based conservative, defensive minded tactics. The Dutch should not be proud of their performance in the final and their play along with their behavior turned off and turned away many fans of the Netherlands.

Hopefully, these cowardly national team coaches will learn to go for goal an attack the opposition with intelligence and skill. Bert van Marwijk, Dunga, and other coaches made their teams play not to lose instead of going after the win. There is a difference and those coaches are not champions.

As for the host nation and the organization of the first African World Cup: A 5-star, Excellent, and any other superlative that is applicable.  South Africa faced critiicism from the minute they were awarded the World Cup.  Some media outlets tried to sabotage South Africa's preparation with articles making South Africa look like it didn't have the resources and guile to host the World Cup.  It was as if they were building a case to move the tournament out of Africa.

This campaign of racism and hate was undertaken by various media outlets to undermine a historic event because they didn't think that a nation run by Africans, black Africans could pull it off. FIFA and the organizing committee rose above the racism and hate, kept their faith and South Africa 2010 was a great success and a massively memorable event.

(AP Photo/Luca Bruno)
The vuvuzelas were in full effect and ultimately did nothing to disturb the flow of the matches. Compared to noise makers in club matches in Europe and South America, the vuvuzelas were tame. FIFA stood strong on allowing the vuvzuelas and fans from the representative nations embraced them.

The 2010 World Cup was unsurpassed in its colors, presentation, and soul. The soul of Africa was felt by Europeans, Asians, Africans, North & South Americans. The mother continent of humanity welcomed back all her children for this glorious tournament and she was as beautiful as ever.


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