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Feeling stressed? How about steaming your vagina?

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Feeling a little stressed this holiday season?

Poppin’ a squat over a boiling pot of herbs should do the trick – a.k.a. “The V Steam.”

Wait … what?

If only your hoo-ha could talk.

Leave it to those wacky Californians to come up with yet another way for us to abuse our body – after all … we know how they like their colonics. (Who wants to pay big bucks to spend a perfectly good weekend at a spa, crapping yourself? People with lots of money and nothing better to do with it … that’s who.)

But we digress. We love you Californians, cooky crapping fetishes and all.

So anyway, if you thought vajazzling (think bedazzling yourself with jewels) and dyeing your va-jay-jay weren’t enough, the LA Times reports that the hottest new trend being offered in select spas in southern California and New York is the vaginal steam bath.

Yes, for $50, you too can blow a little mugwort up your private parts.

Why would one want to do this?

Because apparently, it helps to reduce stress, fight infection, treat hemorrhoids, regulate menstrual cycles and reduce cramps, aid infertility … and that’s just some of the health benefits.

Rooted in Korean tradition, the secret of these steam baths (technically known at “chai-yok”) is not in the steam itself, but what’s in it. Picture yourself hovering vulnerably above an aromatic and apparently therapeutic concoction of mugwort tea (sounds like something Harry Potter would drink), laced with a bit of wormwood and mixed with some other Chinese herbs likely made from bull testicles (just kidding about the bull testicles). You’ll maintain this position for approximately 30-45 minutes -- or until the heat makes you have to pee … whichever comes first.

Sound like a good way to spend $50?

Do tell: Have you heard of this and more importantly … would you do it?