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Feeling pressure on Valentine's Day


Valentine's GoodiesValentine's GoodiesValentine's Goodies
Valentine's Goodies

I love the end of January, obviously not for the weather. Just as small green shoots announce the coming of spring, little red and pink displays in stores herald the coming of an equally enchanting event; Valentines Day.

Much to my husband’s pleasure, Valentine’s is not my favorite holiday. Personally, I think Arbor Day is completely under appreciated and celebrated. Yet, one thing V-day has over tree day is the decorations. For a few weeks during the dreariest time of the year, the whole city looks love crazy. Walk through any mall, or stop at the market to pick up a six pack and you’ll be welcomed by cheery hearts, flowers and floating cupids enticing you to purchase sinfully delicious or luxurious items. Heart shaped chocolates, deep red roses, silks, and sapphires call out to those willing to splurge. Heart shaped coffee mugs, napkins and cookies satisfy those more frugal with their funds.

I find these colorful displays of love and lust sweet, albeit sappy, but others find them downright stressful. I’m reminded of a high school friend whose boyfriend would predictably break up with her days before any gift-giving holiday. Once a few days had passed along with the possibility of a gift exchange, he would tearfully confess his mistake and ask her for a reunion. She accepted this M.O for years, shrugging it off as one of his quirks. Not all partners are so lenient. Which leads to the questions for couples this week:

Do you believe how a couple celebrates Valentine’s Day directly reflects how much they care for each other? Do you feel having a romantic dinner, a week later has more or less value than the same dinner shared on February 14th? Do you feel stressed over Valentine’s Day demands you may be giving to, or receiving from your partner?

Monica Leahy is the author of “1001 Questions To Ask Before You Get Married” (McGraw-Hill)


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