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Feeling like a pioneer in mental health recovery

Looking up at recovery can be daunting
Looking up at recovery can be daunting
Keith A. Little

Many mental health consumers can end up going through recovery feeling like they have never heard of anyone else who has recovered from a mental illness. This can be a daunting thought to have with you. After all, if no one has recovered before you, you can sometimes feel like a pioneer, and it can be a scary situation.

This feeling can be one that is tough to grasp, especially if you are feeling well. It is the stigma behind mental illness that makes us feel like we are pioneers, and it is that pioneer feeling which scares us into acting like we haven't fully recovered, or that we aren't as able as we really are.

These feelings can keep us from recovering fully and re-entering into a life that we desire to have again. Getting over the hurdles of recovery can be a challenge, and many times it will be your supports who give you the information you need to see your disability as something that you can overcome.

Everyone has problems, and everyone has limitations, so it isn't looking at those in our lives, but more how we go about dealing with our problems, and how we see our limitations. Sometimes limitations need to be broken through, and other times they need to be respected. Anyone is capable of a full life with recovery.