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Feeling Crafty? DIY Details to Make Your Day Unique


I suppose it’s the same for any bride – once the excitement of the wedding day is over, you can’t help but look back and consider how you might have done things differently. If only we could relive the big day several times and enjoy it over and over again!

There are always new fashions and trends (steampunk jewelry) that come along that you’d wished you’d incorporated into your wedding. Well, I do anyway. I wish I could get married again (the Costa Rican honeymoon) and add a little shabby chic into my big day. Edible wedding favors, video wedding invitations and paper origami flower decorations would be on my wish list.

One thing I wouldn’t change, however, was my wedding dress. I adored my dress; it was unique, stylish and chic. Bridal stores such as have a huge range of wedding dress styles available for you to try, all of which will ensure you sparkle and feel like a princess on one the best days of your life.

A beautiful dress is not the only thing that can make your day special however – adding some creativity and personality is also important.

If you are struggling for inspiration, I would advise you spend time on Pinterest, as this offers plenty of sensational and stunning DIY ideas, others have incorporated into their day. It is so inspiring and such a great tool for researching and developing your wedding theme further.

Simple ideas such as a blackboard with a chalk-written message on it from the bride and groom, adds a unique touch. I have also seen a table plan written onto a mirror surrounded by an ornate frame. It looked fantastic and certainly wowed the guests.

Once upon a time, wedding cars used to be tailed by tin cans and flowers with a ‘just married’ sign hanging off the registration plate – well, you could take this idea one step further by putting some flowers in tin cans and tying them up between the trees leading to the reception venue. Add fairy lights for something even more dramatic.

There are so many fantastic ideas out there, but it is also good to sit down with your partner and brainstorm your own. Just make sure any idea you do have, compliments your wedding theme and your personality.

Come on . . . give it a go, and see what you can come up with . . .

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