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Feel the need for an energy drink?

Crave Energy Drink
Crave Energy Drink
Photo courtesy of Vitamark International

Have you noticed the increase of people drinking energy drinks? Better yet have you seen the number of young adults between the ages of 12-16 drinking them? Stress, poor diet, and lack of sleep are common in today’s society. The need for some kind of energy drink to get people through the day is almost common place now. With the pressures of college, home and work obligations and after school sports there is a definite need for this billion dollar industry, but there is also a need to be educated as to what we are putting into our bodies to get us through the day!

In a survey done in 2009 in Men’s Health Magazine, Rockstar Original 16oz drink was pegged as the worst energy drink for you–with 280 calories and a whopping 62g of sugar! Sure you get that instant burst of energy but at what price to your body when you hit the wall soon after? According to a study done on the growing problems caused by caffeinated energy drinks conducted by the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, hundreds of different brands are now marketed with caffeine content ranging from a modest 50mg up to a staggering 505mg per can or bottle. The study goes on to say that there are increasing reports of caffeine intoxication from energy drinks and it seems likely that problems with caffeine dependence and withdrawal will also increase.

In the increasingly popular energy drink Red Bull, there are 80mg of caffeine and 27mg of sugar per eight ounce serving. Basically that is like having a cup of coffee and putting seven teaspoons of sugar in it. The problem with most energy drinks besides the unhealthy amounts of caffeine and sugar is that they give you only short term energy. There are energy drinks on the market that can give you the long term boost that you are looking for without the high rate of caffeine and sugar. One of the most popular is 5 Hour Energy–it has no sugar and only as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. But in an article on MSNBC, Bonnie Dix – Taub, a New York City dietitian, broke down the ingredients and found that it had 30mg of Niacin which is twice the recommended daily allowance. Too much Niacin can have adverse effects on our bodies and can cause the face to become flush and make your skin feel itchy. 5 Hour Energy also contains 40mg of B6. Too much B6 can also be harmful, and studies have shown that in taking more than 200mg a day can lead to nerve toxicity.

If you’re feeling the need for an afternoon energy boost there’s an easier way to give your body what it needs. There is a product called Crave Energy Drink which is not sold in stores, but can be found at This product is incredibly convenient to use, because it comes in a ready to go packet that simply needs to be mixed with a bottle of water. It has less than a gram of sugar and only 9 calories per serving. With all of the products available to consumers in this market it is good to know that you can make a better choice when it comes to energy drinks for you and your family and still get the long term energy you are looking for.