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Feel like bugs crawling? Could be high blood pressure

Healthy broth starts with a cracked bone
Healthy broth starts with a cracked bone
SWords 2011

8 suggestions for naturally lowering blood pressure and eliminating that crawling bug feeling:

1. Magnesium oil applied to skin or magnesium supplement (which could help you sleep too)

2. Switch to unrefined salt; avoid commercial salt. Hymilayan Pink Salt and Celtic Sea Salt are some of the best as they contain minerals – including magnesium. (And avoiding commercial salt will also result in avoiding processed foods, most of which are high in refined salt.)

3. Avoid refined sugar and fructose and eat more fruit, vegetables and gelatin instead. Refined sugars deplete many nutrients, increases inflammation and increase blood viscosity. Make your own gelatin squares with packaged gelatin and juice. No sugar needed, and the treat is high in protein.

4. Use butter, instead of margarines and spreads containing trans fats.

5. Increase Omega 3’s - in sources such as Congugated Linolinic Acid, Cod Liver Oil, seafood, and other fish oils also affect your magnesium and other mineral absorption.

6. Add Protein: Fish and other dietary protein ahs been shown to normalize blood pressure. The Dash diet has a protein focus, and just adding an egg a day can reduce high blood pressure.

7. CoQ10. According to, CoQ10supplementation is used primarily in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases such as elevated cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

8. Soup: Bone broths (crack the soup bone for highest nutrients) to provide calcium and magnesium in a delicious way.


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