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Feel like a model/makeup artist on the road with Mally Pro-Tricks Lip Palette

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Ladies, when you're on an extended trip, you want a change of makeup to work with any occasion. But face it: with European airlines enforcing strict weight limits and size of carry-ons, you won't be able to take a dozen tubes. That's where Mally Pro-Tricks Lip Palette comes in so handy! I was glad to be hosted to experience it.

It's a flat box with mirror and comes with application brush. Inside are 9 colors, including cool, neutral and warm tones. The palette also has shade modifiers -- white, black and white pearlized. Here are some of the innovative ways I discovered how to use them:

  • Use the pearlized shade modifier in place of liquid gloss. It's longer lasting and you can use more than liquid gloss without incurring an '80's video girl look. Use it all over lips or just as highlights on pouty parts.
  • The dark shade modifier is good for making the neutrals more appropriate as a skin tone for some; it will render the colors less chalky on dark skin tones.
  • The light one is a genius idea for photography. You may like a certain color as is, but in photos, the red tones might "grab" and you look like Mr. Bill from SNL. Lighten up the shade, not change your favorite hue or texture. Layer the lighter color underneath to start. You may have to layer it on top, too. That's why it's good to practice your makeup look in photos before a wedding or headshot. I was named "Hot Single" in Baltimore Magazine years ago, got my makeup professionally done for the occasion. The photographer made me look like Phyllis Diller, though I was young. I was devastated! This wouldn't have happened if I had had the palette with me as photos were being shot.

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