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Feeding strangers

Feed my sheep
Feed my sheep
Anna Giaritelli (2014)

Do you recognize this woman? Is she your neighbor? Does she go to your church? Is this your mom, or maybe your wife? If you know this woman; Go up to her next time you see her, heck don't wait until then, go find her right now. Give her a great big hug and tell her how proud you are of her and how much you love and appreciate her. This woman recently bought and gave food to a homeless man in New York and then left without giving a name or waiting for a thank you or any kind of recognition for herself. The homeless man; turned out to be Richard Gere playing the part of a homeless man in a movie.
But that is not what matters here. What matters is the fact that this woman took the initiative to do a good thing for another human being who she saw as going without. She spent her own money to give food to a hungry stranger, and then sought no recognition for her act from him or anyone else.
If God himself were wandering the earth today looking for a reason to (NOT) destroy the earth; Here is his reason. This woman has demonstrated that true humanity is not yet dead.
It is a sure bet that Richard appreciated it and he has a pleasing memory to hold onto forever. Even famous people appreciate Random Acts of Kindness.

There are those who make Christ their career. they attempt to (make) Christ live; in others, and try to force others to live for Christ, but outside that career their life belongs to themselves, not Christ. And their actions demonstrate this example to the world.
Then there are those who allow Christ to live; through their own bodies, actions, and lives; their life is not their own; but His to live as He will. A perfect example to those who observe this persons life.

Some have said that they have never seen a homeless person dressed so well or so well groomed before; Just goes to show that most don't even bother looking. Homelessness is not having anywhere of your own to live and call home. Homelessness has little to do with how well you dress, what you wear, how well groomed you are, or what you look like. And even if it did; that is not what matters. This woman gets that; she didn't ask if he was homeless or why he was dressed so well if he was homeless. She just went and bought food and fed him.

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