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Feeding America highlights March as National Nutrition Month

Feeding America said today it plans to highlight innovative programs to improve nutrition in food aid. March is National Nutrition Month and Feeding America is emphasizing the most nutritious meals for its network of food banks across the country.

March is National Nutrition Month
Feeding America

Partnering with USDA's MyPlate program, Feeding America is educating its clients on healthy food choices. Also during March, they will team up with the Academy of Nutritionists and Dietetics for a twitter chat on nutrition.

There are nearly 50 million people who suffer from hunger in the United States. Feeding America is helping millions of hungry families who are also struggling this winter with cold temperatures. High heating costs have put a major strain on household budgets. Those in need already are facing food stamp (SNAP) cuts enacted this past November.

The recent Farm Bill passed by Congress also included cuts to SNAP. Feeding America CEO Bob Aiken says, “These cuts will be concentrated in 15 states and the District of Columbia and will equate to about 34 lost meals per month for each affected household. The farm bill cuts to SNAP will no doubt result in increased demand at food banks and pantries in the impacted states, particularly coming on top of the November cuts that affected all SNAP participants."

During National Nutrition Month Feeding America wants to turn the conversation towards healthy foods and increase this supply.

As Aiken says, “We believe that Congress should be strengthening and protecting SNAP and other anti-hunger programs, not cutting benefits, especially now, when need is so high."

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