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Feedback is a company which hails from Golden, Colorado. It is owned by and created for bicyclist's, via accurate weighing devices and bicycle work stands. Feedback Sports acquired Ultimate Bike Support in 2008 and have continued to refine and perfect designs and products.

Our mission is to create products that we are proud of and believe in with a company that our customers feel good about. Our passion for cycling led to an appreciation for high-performing, well-tuned machines
and this flows into the products we make.

Recently, we received a black cap and a pair of bicyclist's socks and we love them. Both are the Feedback Sports brand. Neither have a single flaw. In fact, they are both very comfortable. In fact, we wish that we had ordered a t-shirt.

We cannot help but think that a company who would fuss over a cap and a pair of socks, would surely take at least such outstanding care with the more expensive stands and products, which they have to offer.

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