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Feed your Brain

Many people have adapted to an American style of eating. Food has to be made fast & quick to keep up with the busy lifestyles of many people. Career driven people, stay at home moms/dads, event the disciplined athlete or fitness model have resorted to getting foods robbed of healthy nutrient in their daily diet regimen.

With the time of processed foods and fast food restaurants on the rise, we begin to struggle with certain ailments in our bodies. The majority of these issues stem from what we are putting in our brains and how our brain processes theses foods and how it sends its signals to the rest of the body.

In an ideal world, with a body that is rich of vitamins & nutrients, and also foods that provide natural sugars, your brain will be able to function properly and be able to help the body receive signals it needs to survive. Without these vitamins and natural sugars, the brain will fail at giving the body its necessary signals will cause the body to fail over time.

In our fast paced world, a body that takes in artificial sugars, processed foods full of salts and preservatives will have a brain that will short circuit on giving the body the proper signals it needs. The end result will be a person who is suffering from many different health defects that will have to be diagnosed by MRIs, CAT scans, stress tests, and many blood test that will have to be done to make sure that a person is not in any dangerous levels and/or have to be put on medicine to help level out the bad levels. Causes of strokes, heart attacks, organ failure and all neurological disorders come from a poor staple of food intake and how the brain can process the sugar its getting from foods.

Your brain is the command center for your "Temple" (your body). The brain talks to the body to perform all necessary functions to keep it alive. In order to maintain a healthy functioning command center, the brain must feed off of what the body gives it. These natural nutrients can be found in fruits and vegetables. Depriving the brain on this will cause your metabolism to slow down, thoughts/focus to not be clear. These are just some of the things that can happen when the brain is not being fed the right things and is giving the body improper instructions. Malnutrition of the brain can also lead to depression, constant fatigue, aches/pains in the body, and ultimately failing health.

To reverse this process, your mindset of your diet will have to change. Once you change that, you will find that your body will start to feel better, your thoughts will be better, and you will begin to start having a piece of mind.

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